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Tips for the day of newborn sessions

Newborn sessions can be challenging and may last 2-3 hours. Here are some tips to make the session run more smoothly.

Feed your baby before coming to the studio.When you get to the studio I will have you undress baby and feed your little one once more. I will then take baby and begin the session with wrapped poses.

If your baby takes pacifiers be sure to bring a few. Pacifiers can work very well to soothe babies while getting them posed.

There is usually a heater on during the newborn session to keep baby comfortable. It may become warm in the studio. 

While I know many people would love to come and watch baby's first modeling gig, I do ask that you do not bring a large group. The studio can only accommodate about 4 adults comfortably.

Due to the length of newborn sessions you're welcome to bring snacks to the session. I do have some snacks and water available for you to enjoy as well. 

Sit back and relax during your baby's session! Feel free to nap, read a book, or play games on your phone. I will take care of getting baby to sleep, posed, and wrapped. I will let you know if baby needs a meal break. 

While uncommon, some poses may not be achievable depending on baby's age and flexibility. I do not guarantee any specific poses.

For newborn boys, if you plan to circumcise please plan the procedure a week before you bring your baby or for after the session. This is so baby can be comfortable and free of irritation during their session.

Overall please trust your photographer. I will have set-ups, hats, fabrics, etc. pulled for the session. The colors and styles will be based off of what you let us know you like.

Thank you for booking a session with Holly D. Photography.

I look forward to working with you for your newborn's session! 

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